Signed Print


Screenprint, 1999
Signed Print Edition of 50
H 82cm x W 63cm

Critical Review

Supermodel is a signed screen print produced by the ground-breaking American artist and designer, KAWS. Made in 1999, the print depicts a head and shoulders shot of a model, rendered in red and white. The model’s mouth is wide open, and she appears to be screaming. It is difficult to discern the woman’s exact expression as KAWS adds his own distinctive graphic features to the woman’s image.

The print is part of the Models collection, a series of prints in which KAWS takes images of models and subverts them by adding his unique graphics. The collection is exemplary of how KAWS has developed an array of graphic motifs and cartoon characters which he frequently incorporates into his works. In this print, KAWS adds his signature crosses to the model’s eyes and the artist turns her face into a skull and crossbones.

KAWS’ use of graphic motifs and cartoon characters which reappear throughout all his works have led to comparisons between him and the 20th century artist, Keith Haring, who created an impressive collection of repeated icons and motifs, such as the radiant baby, angel, flying devil and barking dog. Both these artists developed their artistic talents by experimenting with graffiti and used this medium to develop their graphic motifs and visual language.