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Kutztown - Signed Print by Keith Haring 1989 - MyArtBroker

Signed Print

Keith Haring


Value Indicator

$4,300-$6,500 Value Indicator

$3,900-$6,000 Value Indicator

¥21,000-¥30,000 Value Indicator

2,650-3,950 Value Indicator

$22,000-$35,000 Value Indicator

¥450,000-¥670,000 Value Indicator

$2,850-$4,250 Value Indicator

12% AAGR

AAGR (5 years) This estimate blends recent public auction records with our own private sale data and network demand.

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Medium: Screenprint

Edition size: 99

Year: 1989

Size: H 76cm x W 56cm

Signed: Yes

Format: Signed Print


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Keith Haring's Kutztown (signed) is a screenprint from 1989, estimated to be worth between £2,250 and £3,350. This artwork has shown consistent value growth, with an average annual growth rate of 12%. There have been 4 total sales at auction since its entry to the market in November 2017. In the past 12 months, the hammer price has ranged from £1,754 in August 2022 to £2,432 in June 2022. The average return to the seller is £1,799. The edition size of this artwork is limited to 99.

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Auction Results

Auction DateAuction HouseArtwork
Hammer Price
Return to Seller
Buyer Paid
August 2022Bukowskis, Stockholm - SwedenKutztown - Signed Print
June 2022Wright - United StatesKutztown - Signed Print
July 2021Wright - United StatesKutztown - Signed Print
November 2017Swann Auction Galleries - United StatesKutztown - Signed Print
July 2017Hampel Fine Art Auctions - GermanyKutztown - Signed Print

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