Signed Print

Keith Haring

Screenprint, 1989
Signed Print Edition of 99
H 76cm x W 56cm

Critical Review

Kutztown was the borough in Pennsylvania where Haring grew up as a child, born to Joan and Allen Haring in 1958. This print shows two figures, a man and a woman, wearing old fashioned clothing, thus it is likely that Kutztown is a portrait of Haring’s parents. Haring very rarely depicted subjects that directly related to his personal life as a child and so this print is rare in its subject matter.

The male figure is shown on the left with a thin body and black dot as a head, wearing a V-neck jumper and an oversized formal hat. The figure has his arm around the female figure who is much shorter and rounder, again depicted without facial features, shown to be wearing a simple dress and carrying a large bag. Kutztown is more abstract than much of Haring’s other works, emphasised by the sun in the right hand corner that is rendered with a flower-like pattern.