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Keith Haring: Learning Through Art Poster - Signed Print

Learning Through Art Poster
Signed Print

Keith Haring


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Lithograph, 1999
Signed Print Edition of 350

Critical Review

Learning Through Art is a lithograph poster on a thick Arches Watermarked paper created by Haring for Children’s Programme at The Guggenheim Museum. Released in an edition of 350, the work depicts a matryoshka-like arrangement, wherein a small figure emerges from the head of its bigger-sized counterpart, suggesting how the individual is rooted within the collective. Juxtaposing yellow bodies against the orange background, the poster combines its optimistic subject matter with a palette consisting exclusively of warm colours.

The composition conveys a sense of a creative exchange as each nested figure rests on the support it receives from someone beneath. The open heads painted in purple connote curiosity that Haring frequently commented on in the context of young age: ‘Children know something that most people have forgotten. Children possess a fascination with their everyday existence that is very special and would be very helpful to adults if they could learn to understand and respect it.’

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