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Keith Haring: Untitled 1987 (black) - Signed Print

Untitled 1987 (black)
Signed Print

Keith Haring


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Lithograph, 1987
Signed Print Edition of 20

Critical Review

The print is covered densely with a variety of small-sized, thematically unrelated details. When viewed from a distance, the print appears to display a maze of inchoate forms that blend into one another, losing their individual clarity. Examining the print closely, it becomes clear, however, that the overlapping elements are not only varied but also meticulously detailed. Evoking a sense of perceptual chaos, the creatures inserted amid the abundance of patterns and forms range from sexually explicit to abstract and extraterrestrial.

With its dense accumulation of patterns, dimensions, and forms, the work hints at concerns raised by many of the explicitly political motifs of Haring’s works: the excess and alienation defining the late consumerist society. Here, the peculiar creatures floating amid the chaos of forms are placed close to each other and yet appear enclosed and distant.

Experimenting with the chaos of details, the work mediates the image of a collectivity founded on a fractured relationship.

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