Ribambelle Des Gobelins

Piero Dorazio's La Ribambelle Des Gobelins series, created in 1992, consists of five vibrant screenprints that showcase the artist's mastery of colour and geometric abstraction. This series exemplifies Dorazio's exploration of light, movement, and spatial dynamics through interwoven lines and vivid hues.

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Meaning & Analysis

Piero Dorazio, a significant figure in the Post-War Art movement, is renowned for his contributions to geometric abstraction and colour theory. The La Ribambelle Des Gobelins series, produced in 1992, highlights his deep understanding of these artistic elements, demonstrating his ability to create complex visual experiences through simple geometric forms and a vibrant palette.

Dorazio's work is characterised by the use of intersecting lines and dynamic patterns that create a sense of depth and motion. In La Ribambelle Des Gobelins, this is particularly evident. The series comprises five prints, each presenting a unique interplay of lines and colours that seem to dance across the surface, evoking a sense of rhythm and harmony.

In these prints, Dorazio employs a variety of colours, from bold primaries to softer pastels, set against contrasting backgrounds. For instance, in La Ribambelle Des Gobelins I, the interplay of bright reds, blues, and yellows against a royal blue background creates a striking visual effect. The lines crisscross and overlap, forming intricate patterns that draw the viewer's eye across the composition.

The visual complexity of Dorazio's prints is achieved through his meticulous technique in screenprinting. This medium allows for precise control over colour and form, enabling Dorazio to layer hues and create subtle variations in tone and texture. Each print in the series is a testament to his skilful manipulation of colour and line, resulting in works that are both visually engaging and intellectually stimulating.

Dorazio's exploration of light and movement in La Ribambelle Des Gobelins reflects his broader artistic concerns. He was influenced by his studies of architecture and his interactions with other avant-garde artists, which is evident in his structured compositions. The series not only showcases his philosophical inquiry into the nature of visual perception and the experience of space.

La Ribambelle Des Gobelins demonstrates Dorazio's commitment to abstract art, a journey that began in the 1940s and continued throughout his career. His work consistently pushed the boundaries of abstraction, exploring new ways to engage with colour, form, and the viewer's perception. This series stands as a significant example of his mature style, blending rigorous geometric structure with a playful, almost musical, use of colour.