American Array

Robert Rauschenberg's Soviet American Array print series, crafted during the late 1980s and early 1990s, is a vivid exploration of cultural and political themes through the juxtaposition of imagery from two erstwhile Cold War adversaries. The series showcases Rauschenberg's mastery in blending diverse visual elements that reflect the complex relations between the Soviet Union and the United States.

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Meaning & Analysis

Robert Rauschenberg’s Soviet American Array series is a poignant reflection on the dynamic interplay of politics, culture, and art during a period marked by significant global tension and transition. Each piece within the series utilises Rauschenberg’s signature technique of combining found imagery and abstract forms through photomechanical silkscreen processes, creating a rich tapestry that narrates the multifaceted dialogue between two superpowers.

The series is not merely an artistic exploration but also a historical commentary, capturing the essence of the late Cold War era's complexity. Rauschenberg's choice of imagery, ranging from political figures and cultural icons to everyday objects and landscapes, invites the viewer to consider the similarities and differences that defined the American and Soviet experiences.

Soviet American Array is particularly noted for its bold, graphic aesthetic, which is both visually striking and thematically layered. Rauschenberg’s ability to collage disparate elements into a coherent whole echoes the potential for unity and understanding, suggesting a reconciliatory function of art. By integrating symbols and scenes from both nations, he crafts a visual dialogue that encourages a reevaluation of the perceived dichotomy between East and West during the Cold War.

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