Signed Print

Roy Lichtenstein

Screenprint, 1967
Signed Print Edition of 300
H 58cm x W 78cm

Critical Review

As opposed to the enlarged imitation of a single brushstroke featured in Brushstrokefrom a few years prior, purified strokes erupt all over this print. Brushstrokes crops closely on fresh crimson, stark white, and bright yellow cartoon sweeps. The splatters situated around the edges of the composition anchor the primary forms of the canvas firmly in place. Lichtenstein’s defined black contours mimic the feathery finish of a paintbrush, adding volume and dimension to the image.

The bold primary colours are depicted as frozen drips fixed against the surface of a static white and blue dotted background. The artist utilises his trademark dots to playfully counteract the flow and energy of his polished brushstrokes. This repetitive pattern also provides a sharp mechanical contrast to the emotivity of painterly expression. Brushstrokes proves to be the quintessential embodiment of not only Lichtenstein’s oeuvre but of Pop Art itself.