Interior With Chair

Interior With Chair
Signed Print

Roy Lichtenstein

Screenprint, 1997
Signed Print Edition of 90
H 94cm x W 69cm

Critical Review

Interior with Chair is a scaled-back version of the domestic interiors depicted in Lichtenstein’s early 1990s Interior series. The work showcases a single cropped corner of a room. A sparsely illustrated dresser is situated on the left with a lush plant on top. A colourful chair sits beside it, propped up against a half-open door. Greenery and skies are revealed through the square window located on the right of the composition.

Streaks of gradient halftone Ben Day dots are strewn across the surface of the print, invoking dimension and shadow. Strident outlines in yellow, black, blue, and brown are applied in layers, demarcating the edges of the furniture against the white backdrop. Interior With Chair is an unmistakable nod to Lichtenstein’s lifelong fascination with both fine art as well as commercial design. Translated into his trademark visual vocabulary, this stylised print typifies the quintessence of his artistic practice.