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Roy Lichtenstein: Lincoln Center (poster) - Signed Print

Lincoln Center (poster)
Signed Print

Roy Lichtenstein


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Screenprint, 1966
Signed Print Edition of 100

Critical Review

The Lincoln Center Poster Project was launched in the early 1960s in New York City and patroned by philanthropist and art collector Vera List. The project helped relay the most significant milestones of the infamous Lincoln Center of Performing Arts to the public. Various influential contemporary artists were commissioned to create magnetic and inventive posters. These limited edition prints were later sold to benefit the institution’s groundbreaking cultural programmes and art education initiatives.

Manufacturing a captivating image to be disseminated throughout the city streets, Roy Lichtenstein executed the Lincoln Center (Poster) in 1966. This engrossing lithograph advertised the opening of the fourth New York Film Festival all over town. In his strident poster, Lichtenstein integrated bold pop elements with the streamlined art deco design of the 1930s, thereby attracting visitors to the screenings.

Populated by dense streaks of halftone Ben Day dots, Lincoln Center (Poster) utilises royal blue, rich red, and striking egg yolk yellow. Lichtenstein here sets out to portray a futuristic cityscape with a towering street lamp and the domed arches of the arts complex. Awakening within the beholder a sense of pull toward the past and the simultaneous push of the future, this work bears the undoubtable artistic touch of its creator.

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