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Roy Lichtenstein: Rising Sun Announcement - Signed Print

Rising Sun Announcement
Signed Print

Roy Lichtenstein


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Screenprint, 1967
Signed Print

Critical Review

To arrive at new visual perspectives in Ten Landscapes, his first solo print portfolio, Lichtenstein cut screen print stencils by hand and experimented with industrial materials, such as plastic Rowlux sheets. Rising Sun Announcement, a screen print on opaque white Rowlux, is a 1967 reproduction of Landscape 4, and was created by the artist to promote the Ten Landscapes series. What the scene of the rising sun consists of here are the artist’s top signature motifs: diagonal slashes, Ben-Day dots, and thick, black outlines.

Rising Sun Announcement was signed by Lichtenstein in black ink on the reverse and included in the Ten Landscapes portfolio published by Rosa Esman. A distinctive feature of this print is the subtle serpentine pattern created by the Rowlux sheet used as a background. What allows artists to achieve startling visual effects with Rowlux are tiny parabolic lenses that cover the surface of the sheet and reflect light. The result in Rising Sun Announcement is a lustrous quality of shades as well as the impression of the background’s silky texture.

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