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To Battle

To Battle
Signed Print

Roy Lichtenstein

Woodcut, 1950
Signed Print Edition of 10
H 29cm x W 59cm

Critical Review

To Battle from 1950 precedes Knight with Lady and Approaching the Castle, presenting a boldly gouged woodcut rendition of a knight’s tale. Executed on Kraft paperboard, Lichtenstein’s orange and blue composition is of an exceedingly narrative nature. Capturing knights on horseback, cheered on by seraphs flying ahead, the print depicts a hoard of semi-fantastical characters storming a castle. The absurd proportions and mythical shapes elevate this print from serious to comedic.

To Battle’s borrowed medieval iconography pokes fun at traditional Western portraits featuring similar subject matter. Additionally, the print also mirrors the layout of elaborate 15th century textiles and tapestries chronicling historical conquests. Although the figures may appear squared and hard-edged, the artist’s joyful rendering of the scene lends the work a whimsical quality.