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Two Figures With Teepee

Two Figures With Teepee
Signed Print

Roy Lichtenstein

Intaglio, 1980
Signed Print Edition of 32
H 25cm x W 22cm

Critical Review

The resulting imprint shows a green and blue striped triangular shape slightly off centre, a teepee as its title indicates, enclosed by floating yellow crosses symbolising the sun. The feathered part of an arrow, most commonly known as the fletching, covers the majority of the left of the work. There are numerous feathers on it, deep green like an upside down grove of pine trees, set against an intense crimson background.

The work conjoins the two most characteristic elements recurring in the American Indian Theme series; the block of ragged wood and the thick braided rope. The two figures stand facing each other, coasting on the rippled black and white patterns that adorn the bottom half of the work.

Two Figures With Teepee maintains a balance between static and active with the help of its chosen visual components.It is also a confrontation of the most familiar objects of Indian symbolic ornamentation and heritage.

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