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Roy Lichtenstein: Two Nudes - Signed Print

Two Nudes
Signed Print

Roy Lichtenstein


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Relief print, 1994
Signed Print Edition of 40
H 105cm x W 89cm

Critical Review

In Two Nudes we find a female figure with partly bright yellow hair lying face down in bed, while another figure, composed entirely of vibrant red dots, rests her hands tenderly on her back. The print employs an extensive flow of Ben Day dots to flatten the foreground against the background.

Certain features within the interior are emphasised, like the purple vase, the bright yellow carpet and the blue and red wall. These elements invoke a three-dimensional pictorial space in certain parts of the composition. Lichtenstein successfully contrasts the figures’ neutral curvaceous forms to these colourful angular shapes.

Lichtenstein’s Nudes first and foremost expose the highly sexualised portrayal of women throughout art history, as well as in contemporary society. While beholders might initially feel encouraged to observe the intimate scenes, they also feel strongly discouraged from intruding. The series draws attention to the blatant voyeurism exercised by viewers in such an instance. Additionally, these prints offer a perfect distillation of Lichtenstein’s graphic lexicon.

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