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Peace Through Chemistry II

Peace Through Chemistry II
Signed Print

Roy Lichtenstein

Planographic, 1970
Signed Print Edition of 43
H 81cm x W 146cm

Critical Review

Peace Through Chemistry II showcases a horizontal rectangle divided into three panels, akin to a triptych. Each third is halved by a strong diagonal line running across it. The composition depicts a schematised progression, starting with natural imagery and concluding with a portrait of scientific growth. The curvature of nature’s forms on the left counterbalances the angular industrial elements in the middle and on the right. The print’s vibrant dotted shapes are contrasted against solid contours and single colour fields, echoing the layout of Peace Through Chemistry I.

Peace Through Chemistry II is a colourful satire, ridiculing industrialisation’s claim that peace is achievable through a scientific approach. Additionally, the work also functions as a cubist revision of the motivational posters disseminated throughout America during the Great Depression era. Lichtenstein’sPeace Through Chemistry II is a brilliant printed mural, pinning humanity against machinery.