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Still Life With Pitcher And Flowers

Still Life With Pitcher And Flowers
Signed Print

Roy Lichtenstein

Planographic, 1974
Signed Print Edition of 100
H 77cm x W 115cm

Critical Review

Historically, still lifes would provide the public with allegorical depictions of earthly pleasures and the inevitability of demise. Although this artistic tradition has been practiced since ancient times, its particular mode of representation has never ranked highest in the hierarchy of art. Despite offering sublime scenes of prosperity and temporality, this style of painting was often dismissed as a creative exercise.

Lichtenstein embraces the decorative qualities of still lifes, rendering his series according to a pronounced commercial aesthetic. Still Life With Pitcher And Flowers employs an airy composition, presenting modernised versions of classical still life motifs. A figurative black and white pitcher sits on the left, signaling welfare and nourishment. On the right, the artist situates a minimalist illustration of a potted plant, alluding to the temporary nature of things.

Still Life With Pitcher And Flowersexpands the meaning behind the traditional still life symbols of life and death.Fixing the two objects on either side of an empty centre, the print suggests a pitstop halfway between the opposing poles that govern our existence.