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Figures With Rope

Figures With Rope
Signed Print

Roy Lichtenstein

Lithograph, 1978
Signed Print Edition of 38
H 39cm x W 55cm

Critical Review

Although these prints copy the manner in which surrealist artworks were created, the pictorial language of the Surrealist sequence is literal rather than symbolical. Contrary to the intuitive output of his forerunners, Lichtenstein reveals a more rigorous approach to figuration. Posing numerous motifs from his own oeuvre alongside art historical tropes, his Surrealist prints culminate in captivating referential vistas.

Executed in 1978, Figures With Rope presents an enigmatic dreamscape, portraying various figures lined up on a hovering rope. Lichtenstein anchors his composition in wildly opposing forms. Leading the succession of shapes is a shattered mirror located at the right edge of the print. The broken element references Lichtenstein’s exploration of aesthetic purity in his Mirrors from the early 1970s. An amorphous figure with long lashed eyes lingers in front of it, recalling the emotional charge of Lichtenstein’s first comic book heroines of the 1960s. The final queued up shape, composed of protruding triangles, is the predecessor of Lichtenstein’s abstracted Perfect/Imperfect series of the 1980s.