Of A Square Within A Square

Terry Frost's Development Of A Square Within A Square is a series of four screenprints, each a vivid exploration the dynamic relationship between geometric forms through the lens of colour and composition. Each print features a large square frame within which a smaller square is nested, using bold, saturated colours to highlight the interaction of shapes.

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Meaning & Analysis

In the Development Of A Square Within A Square series, Sir Terry Frost delves into the realm of geometric abstraction, focusing on the simple yet profound relationship between nested squares. This minimalist approach is enriched by his sophisticated use of colour, where each print is defined by a dominant hue that evokes different emotional responses.

The series demonstrates Frost's exceptional ability to manipulate colour to create depth and movement within a static form. For example, Development Of A Square Within A Square (Blue) features varying shades of blue that transition from deep to light, giving the illusion of depth and vibrancy, while Development Of A Square Within A Square (Red) uses shades of red to create a sense of warmth and intensity.

Each colour choice in the series is deliberate, with Frost using the hue to define the space and to evoke specific moods and feelings. The interaction between the inner and outer squares creates a visual tension, drawing the viewer’s eye into the centre and then outward, reflecting the push and pull of internal and external forces.

This series exemplifies Frost’s interest in the fundamental elements of art—form, colour, and space—and his ability to synthesise these elements into compositions that are both visually engaging and emotionally resonant.

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