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We’re experts in the modern and contemporary prints market with a combined 45 years of experience in facilitating the buying and selling of art. Our mission is to get you a better deal every time you transact with us, and in doing so regularly make returns for sellers well above what they could achieve elsewhere.

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The Souls


Browse In Demand Works

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The MyArtBroker Trading Floor brings collectors access to our network in real time. Delivering accurate data on the activity of our network in the prints marketplace, with live demand and supply indication posted directly to the platform. This is blue chip market transparency like you’ve never seen before.


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Manage Your Collection

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Industry-defining technology through MyPortfolio allows you to build and track your collection in real time. Request valuations against each artwork, and a curated personal experience with a specialist if you come to trade. We handle the logistics, shipping, and conservation for you. We can also recommend and advise you on works that might suit your investment and collecting needs.

Mastering The Art Market: Consigning Blue Chip Prints and Editions

The art world, an alluring realm of ceaseless creativity, captivating exhibitions, and ever-evolving trends, is sustained by the circulation of artwork sales. However, navigating this world as a collector or investor comes with challenges, especially regarding valuations. Louis and Charlotte break these challenges down, emphasising that the art market lacks a definitive science for valuation. Instead, it is shaped by unique trends and personal tastes, which can change over time. In a market driven by passion and creativity, their keen insights illuminate prints with remarkable valuations, offering a clear understanding of the dynamic art market.

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