Greg Conn: The Urban Framer

Greg Conn, The Urban Framer, offers bespoke framing that elevates art with personalised service and expert craftsmanship.

“We've framed everything from Banksy to Haring.”

Greg Conn

About Greg Conn: The Urban Framer

Greg Conn, operating under the moniker The Urban Framer, is a distinguished name in the world of bespoke framing, catering to the nuanced needs of art collectors and enthusiasts alike. Embracing the ethos of craftsmanship and personalised service, Greg has carved a niche in the art world, offering a tailored framing experience that is both unique and exemplary. His work is showcased and regularly updated on his Instagram platform, @the_urban_framer_, serving as a vivid portfolio of his skill and creativity.

The Urban Framer specialises in custom framing solutions that are designed to enhance and preserve the integrity of each piece of art. Understanding that the right frame can transform art into a masterpiece, Greg employs a meticulous approach to selection and assembly, ensuring that each frame is in harmony with the artwork it surrounds. His services extend beyond mere framing; they encompass a consultative experience where clients are guided through a plethora of choices, from materials to styles, ensuring that the end product not only protects their cherished art but also elevates its aesthetic appeal.

Greg's expertise is not limited to traditional artworks. He is adept at handling a diverse range of materials and formats, including contemporary prints, vintage posters, and even textile art, demonstrating versatility and a keen eye for detail. This adaptability makes The Urban Framer a preferred choice for collectors who seek a bespoke service that can cater to the eclectic nature of their collections.

Framing Urban & Contemporary Art

Greg Conn: The Urban Framer

Farnborough, Hampshire

+44 7976 955257

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