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Andy Warhol: Mao (F. & S. II.92) - Signed Print

Mao (F. & S. II.92)
Signed Print

Andy Warhol


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Screenprint, 1972
Signed Print Edition of 250
H 91cm x W 91cm

Critical Review

In this iteration of Warhol’s print, Mao’s face is depicted in a sickly yellow and his lips are turquoise green working to make a spectacle of the Chinese statesman without him knowing. By repeating his image many times over the course of a screen print series, Warhol portrays Mao as a commodity to be dispersed as a piece of mass-media in capitalist America.

Warhol explores a multitude of colour variations across the series to render each print unique,thus symbolically opposing the ideals of communism that Mao wished to uphold. Taking this point further, Warhol adds gestural dark lines to each print as a display of individualism, reminiscent of the American Abstract Expressionists. Deliberately misaligning the photographic image with the coloured ink layered on top, Warhol creates a jarring visual effect that makes this image both humorous and menacing.

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