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Andy Warhol: Teddy Roosevelt (F. & S. II.386) - Signed Print

Teddy Roosevelt (F. & S. II.386)
Signed Print

Andy Warhol


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Screenprint, 1986
Signed Print Edition of 250
H 91cm x W 92cm

Toni Clayton

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Critical Review

Warhol colours Roosevelt’s face in a black and grey with contours of red so as to subvert this quintessential image of the American hero into a piece of Pop Art. Using his celebrated screen print method, Warhol leaves the imperfections in colour and looseness in line that give the print a lively feel. Set against a plain white backdrop, thus removing the image’s historical context, just like with other prints in the series, Warhol brings this image of Roosevelt into the context of 1980s popular culture that the artist was seeking to criticise.

By including romanticised images of Native Americans alongside portraits of figures like Roosevelt, Warhol confronts the viewers with themes like exploitation, war, power and ownership. Rendered in a flattened style and unique combinations of vibrant hues, the characters in the Cowboys And Indians series are made out to be fictionalised characters from the imaginary ‘Wild West’, as perpetuated by the mechanism of fame in popular culture.

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