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Ingrid Bergman, The Nun (F. & S. II.314) - Signed Print by Andy Warhol 1983 - MyArtBroker

Ingrid Bergman, The Nun (F. & S. II.314)
Signed Print

Andy Warhol


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Screenprint, 1983
Signed Print Edition of 250
H 96cm x W 96cm

Toni Clayton

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Meaning & Analysis

Rendering the portrait with an artificial colour palette, Warhol skillfully conveys his ideas on the shallow, performative nature of the mass-media image and celebrity culture. This notion of artificiality is also reflected in that Warhol has decided to show Bergman in character.

Warhol has manipulated the image to accentuate Bergman’s facial features against dark contrasts, framed by the silhouette of a traditional nun’s wimple. Warhol has drawn attention to Bergman’s lips with pink tones so as to glamorise this otherwise serious movie still. This portrait characterises the actress as an enduring sex symbol, surrounded by a culture obsessed with her unattainable beauty. Vivid blocks of colour in orange, yellow, pink and blue echo the shape of the wimple adding an element of abstraction to the piece and show her to be a formidable character.

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