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Black Lenin (F. & S. II.402)

Black Lenin (F. & S. II.402)
Signed Print

Andy Warhol

Screenprint, 1987
Signed Print Edition of 120
H 100cm x W 75cm

Critical Review

Andy Warhol began creating screen prints of celebrities in the 1960s with his famous Marilyn Monroe prints. While his late-career Lenin series strikes a different tone than an image of Ingrid Bergman or Elizabeth Taylor, it still represents Warhol’s obsession with celebrity at its core. Like many other celebrity prints, draws on key features of Lenin’s appearance: his iconic pointed beard and bald head. Like in his images of the Electric Chair or Chairman Mao, Lenin is almost removed from his political context here, becoming just another reproduced image.

The Lenin series was the last that Warhol completed before his death in February 1987.