Banksy Trend Report Q1
Happy Choppers

Happy Choppers
Signed Spray Paint


Spray Paint, 2006
Signed Spray Paint Edition of 3

Critical Review

Using spray paint and stencils, Banksy depicts a squadron of armed military helicopters rendered in black and grey spray paint which are flying through a vibrant blue sky. The beautiful sky with cartoon-like clouds contrasts with the negative connotations associated with these military helicopters, namely war and violence. The jarring contrast between beauty and violence is exaggerated further as Banksy adds a pink bow to the lead helicopter’s propellor. Before being made into a screen print, the design for Happy Choppers was first seen in 2002 as a mural that Banksy spray painted at the Whitecross Street Market in London.

The image of a helicopter has become a recurring visual motif that features throughout Banksy’s artworks to represent war and military intervention. The artist’s work is strongly influenced by his political ideology and values, and Banksy’s anti-war stance is often exhibited in his art, as is seen in this print and others such as Bomb Love, 2001.

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