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Signed Print

Bridget Riley

Screenprint, 1992
Signed Print Edition of 75
H 80cm x W 114cm

Critical Review

In the Zig / Rhomboid collection of works, Riley began to cross her iconic horizontal stripes of her earlier striped works with short diagonal elements: another evolution in her non-representational, abstract art practice. Upon creating this new rhomboid form, Riley claims a “whole new field of relationships opened up”. When first exhibited, many interpreted the forms as painterly strokes, enlarged and formalised, deriving from Georges Seurat, who was a great source of inspiration for Riley. Indeed, the integration of these forms by Riley was in part an attempt to rediscover pictorial craftsmanship.

Across her oeuvre, Riley teases out the different energies inherent in varying tonalities, delighting in the push-and-pull created through the juxtaposition of competing colours, and June is no exception. Being non-representational, Riley’s titles hint at the inspiration behind the conception of her artworks. Here, June provides context for the selection of the colour palette as warm pinks and rich blues evoke the sensation of a summer’s early morning sunrise.