Coloured Greys 2

Coloured Greys 2
Signed Print

Bridget Riley

Screenprint, 1972
Signed Print Edition of 125
H 57cm x W 57cm

Critical Review

The print plays upon Riley’s consideration of art as a form of optical science, an idea which the artist acquired during her fine art education, and which had come down to her from the works of Pointillist French artist Georges Seurat. Like Seurat, Riley developed a striking interest in the ways in which the formal elements of painting, colour and form, which together conjoin to create an artistic narrative, could be dissected, abstracted and used to induce different optical illusions and manipulations of the viewer’s visual field, thereby activating the artwork through an illusory sensation of movement. The repetition of the horizontal geometrical pattern mischievously induces in the beholder the sensation that the lines are moving, a technique which also endows the art piece with a sense of dynamism and three-dimensionality.