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Study For Hide & Seek
Signed Print

Conor Harrington


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Screenprint, 2018
Signed Print Edition of 150
H 93cm x W 70cm

Joe Syer

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Joe Syer, Head of Urban & Contemporary Art

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Meaning & Analysis

The dynamics of role-playing and impression-making are key to this work, in which a central position of the Venetian mask hints at the pressure of social norms and the atmosphere of anxiety the male figure has been immersed in. As the man holds the prop in front of him, the viewer cannot be sure whether the ongoing act is one of assuming a mask or taking it off. The closed eyes of the figure may suggest that the short moments of wearing a natural expression are too vulnerable for the man to directly confront the viewer’s gaze. The predominant presence of grey tones combined with traces of dynamic brushstrokes and dripping paint deepen the dramatic overtone of the print with its emphasis on the imprisonment in the world of appearances.

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