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The Souls On Jacob’s Ladder 4

The Souls On Jacob’s Ladder 4
Signed Print

Damien Hirst

Intaglio, 2007
Signed Print Edition of 72
H 120cm x W 108cm

Critical Review

The butterfly motif is a prominent figure that Hirst has used throughout his career. The title of this series points to the story of Jacob’s Ladder in Christianity that represents the connection between God and man. Hirst is fascinated by the interrelationship between aesthetics, science and religion and The Souls On Jacob’s Ladder Take Their Flight series succinctly brings these elements together through the motif of the butterfly.

Behind the intricate appearance of the beautifully rendered butterfly is a tragic set of meanings; their three-day life span reminding the viewer of the fleeting and fragile nature of life itself. Hirst plays with religious stories and beliefs through the highly aestheticised image of the butterfly, all the while pointing to themes of mortality and human life.