Classical Prints

Daniel Arsham's Eroded Classical Prints is a series of three silkscreen prints depicting the figures of Lucius Verus, Melpomene, and Venus of Arles. These prints uniquely embody Arsham's signature style, reinterpreting classical sculptures.

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Meaning & Analysis

In the Eroded Classical Prints series, Daniel Arsham continues his exploration of time and archaeology through the lens of classical art. Each print is an interpretation of iconic sculptures reimagined as eroded objects that merge past and future. This conceptual approach is a hallmark of Arsham's work, where he invites the viewer to reconsider the passing of time as a cyclical rather than linear progression.

The technical process behind these prints adds textural and thematic complexity. The use of multiple silkscreens and graphite-infused ink allows Arsham to create prints that replicate the aesthetic qualities of the sculptures' erotion.

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