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Born in 1980 in Cleveland, Ohio, Daniel Arsham’s passion for art mingled with his fascination for architecture from a young age. This foundation laid the groundwork for a multi-disciplinary approach that defies easy categorisation. Attending Cooper Union in New York City, he honed his craft and began exploring the intersections of art, architecture, and performance.

Arsham's oeuvre is characterised by its play on forms, challenging perceptions of space and structure. He takes everyday items – from musical instruments to sports equipment – and reconstructs them in unexpected materials like volcanic ash, crystal, and quartz, transforming them into archeological discoveries from an imagined future.

Arsham's art consistently grapples with our perceptions of time. While most artists capture moments, Arsham encapsulates epochs. His sculptures, with their decaying-yet-futuristic appearance, seem to defy chronological placement. They act as bridges, linking ancient histories to speculative futures. By presenting artefacts of times yet to come, Arsham compels viewers to reconsider their linear understanding of time and ponder on the transient nature of existence.

When Arsham collaborated with choreographer Merce Cunningham, it was more than just an intersection of two artistic minds; it was a fusion of temporal and spatial expression. His stage designs, marked by their ethereal aesthetics and clever play with architectural elements, enhanced Cunningham's dance narratives. The synergy of their combined artistry transformed the stage into an evolving tableau, where movement and visuals coalesced to tell a richer, more multifaceted story.

Beyond conventional canvases and sculptures, Arsham broadened his horizons through Snarkitecture, co-founding it with Alex Mustonen. This venture wasn't just about producing aesthetic marvels; it was an exploration into the essence of spaces and structures. The installations produced by Snarkitecture don't just occupy space; they reimagine and reinvent it, prompting those who engage with their work to see the familiar world through a more curious and whimsical lens.

Quartz Eroded Vogue Magazine 101 by Daniel Arsham - Phillips

Image © Phillips / Quartz Eroded Vogue Magazine 101 © Daniel Arsham 2019

1. £229,108 for Daniel Arsham's Quartz Eroded Vogue Magazine 101

Arsham's visionary perspective propels him beyond his time, offering a unique insight into future artefacts and their millennia-spanning evolution. His meticulously sculpted rendition of a Vogue cover page, crafted from quartz crystal, highlights the magazine's luxury status intertwined with art, paralleling trajectories. Arsham's curated selection of contemporary features for his bespoke cover, from skateboarding to Richard Serra and architectural brilliance, captures the pulse of modern interests. With a multifaceted role as the creative director of the Cleveland Cavaliers, his narrative resonates, echoing I.M. Pei's journey from Cleveland to Paris and subtly nodding to Arsham's own origins. This work fetched £229,108 (with fees) at Phillips Hong Kong in November 2019 solidifying its position as Arsham's auction record.

Eroded Brillo Boxes by Daniel Arsham - Sotheby's

Image © Sotheby's / Eroded Brillo Boxes © Daniel Arsham 2019

2. £184,015 for Daniel Arsham's Eroded Brillo Boxes

Arsham's dedication to his geological explorations, integral to his concept of “fictional archaeology,” finds poignant expression in this artwork, also paying homage to Andy Warhol's iconic Brillo Boxes (1964). With a fascination for historical narratives, Arsham employs his anachronistic approach, juxtaposing contemporary elements within temporal flux. This temporal transposition not only forecasts future archaeological epochs but also symbolically underscores the historical significance of these creations in contemporary culture. Arsham's adept ability to crystallise these concepts is mirrored in the market response, evidenced by the £184,015 achieved for Eroded Brillo Boxes at Sotheby's in November 2019, situating this work among his top-selling pieces.

Grey Selenite Eroded Porsche by Daniel Arsham - Phillips

Image © Phillips / Grey Selenite Eroded Porsche © Daniel Arsham 2019

3. £166,244 for Daniel Arsham's Grey Selenite Eroded Porsche

In Grey Selenite Eroded Porsche (2019), Arsham presents a captivating tribute to the revered Porsche 911, a cornerstone of sports car history. Using his unique artistic material, Arsham orchestrates a transformation that infuses the car with an essence of future antiquity, embodying his concept of “the future relic of the present.” Revealed within Selfridge's London, this work intertwines cultural significance and luxury. Arsham's meticulous craftsmanship creates a crystalline landscape on the car's surface, with the glistening crystal erosions serving as both visual enhancement and symbolic testament to its opulence. Implicit in this endeavour is an exploration of temporal flux, contemplating how our contemporary era and prized possessions will be remembered by future generations. Grey Selenite Eroded Porsche, a blend of automotive excellence and sculptural innovation, fetched £166,244 (with fees) at Phillips Hong Kong in July 2020.

Pink Selenite & Rose Quartz Teddy Bear by Daniel Arsham - Sotheby's

Image © Sotheby's / Pink Selenite & Rose Quartz Teddy Bear © Daniel Arsham 2017