Daniel Arsham’s Lunar Prints screenprint series, comprising the artworks Deep Wall and Square Out Of The Moon captures the moon in stark monochrome, emphasising its texture and form. Created in 2021, both prints in the series were executed with meticulous detail, invoking a sense of serene desolation characteristic of lunar surfaces.

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Meaning & Analysis

In the Lunar Prints series, Arsham expands his artistic exploration into the moon's surface, which has long captivated human imagination as a symbol of the unknown and the frontier of human exploration. The prints depict the moon, merging concepts of space exploration with Arsham’s signature theme of decay.

Deep Wall features an intricately detailed cross-section a fragment of lunar crust or a dissected wall of the moon's sedimentary layers. The artwork is characterised by its deep, shadowy crevices and a highly textured surface that mimics the appearance of being eroded.

Square Out Of The Moon depicts the moon which appears to have a square segment seems carved out from its surface, suggesting a human or artistic extraction from the natural environment. This piece juxtaposes the rough, organic textures of the moon's surface with the stark, geometric shape of the carved space. This contrast in texture is reflective of the fraught relationship between man and nature.

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