Signed Print

David Hockney

Lithograph, 1968
Signed Print Edition of 95
H 64cm x W 48cm

Critical Review

Tree is a lithograph printed in colour, executed by David Hockney in 1968 and released in an edition of 95. The lithograph depicts a densely set grouping of trees, cubist in form. Thick strokes of colour form the trunks, whilst the lush and verdant leaves are replaced with shaded, solid geometric forms that expand in rows towards the top of the page. Hockney has confessed on numerous occasions his love for just observing the natural world, a passion he believes he shares with another infamous landscape painter, Vincent Van Gogh. Yet, this depiction of nature is wholly different from the Impressionist depictions of Van Gogh, which typically swell and pulsate with energy and life. This heightened impression of nature in Tree conveys as much of Hockney’s feelings at the time of painting regarding what he is seeing, than what actually lies before him.