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Droopy Dog Abstraction
Signed Print

George Condo


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Screenprint, 2017
Signed Print Edition of 75
H 38cm x W 36cm

Joe Syer

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Joe Syer, Head of Urban & Contemporary Art

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Meaning & Analysis

Droopy Dog Abstraction is a work symptomatic of George Condo’s artistic approach. The dog, that is made to look human, is positioned frontally. The work intends to unsettle the viewer. The dog is referred to as droopy because its jowls stretch down to the bow tie. The use of a pastel palette, including pastel green, pink, and blue, makes the work even more unsettling.

Droopy Dog Abstraction is a work which fits, quintessentially, into Condo’s style. Much like other works of portraiture that Condo has produced, this work is unsettling. For instance, Condo’s Face, a portrait of Kanye west, distorts the human features. In the example of Droopy Dog Abstraction the features characteristic of a dog are distorted to give an intensely human-like effect. This is unsettling for the viewer. The work also adopts a similar palette and composition to that of his other portrait entitled Clown.

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