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High On Hope (yellow)

High On Hope (yellow)
Signed Print

Harland Miller

Screenprint, 2019
Signed Print Edition of 75
H 76cm x W 60cm

Critical Review

The style of lettering in this work is reminiscent of the artist’s humorous titles of the past, one such example beingHate's Outta Date!. Rather than employing a shadowing technique to invoke dimension, however, the work experiments with angles and depth. The worn spine of the book is seemingly floating off canvas, similar to one of Miller’s earlier prints christened I’ll Never Forget What I Can’t Remember.

In terms of format, High On Hope is completely identical to a Penguin classic. Miller explicitly adopts the orange dust jacket’s standardized design, in order to place the words and their potential meaning on center stage. The artist herebalances the comforting visuals of the revisited brand image against an advert like catch phrase. Therefore, High on Hope functions as a sly reflection on consumer culture and collective memory, in the same manner as Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soupsonce did.