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Mosaico E Muratura Roma (green)

Mosaico E Muratura Roma (green)
Signed Print


Screenprint, 2010
Signed Print Edition of 30

Critical Review

The artwork captures Invader’s sense of humour which shines through in many of his pieces as it parodies the stickers that are found all over the Italian capital city, Rome, offering various niche services. In this artwork, Invader is comically offering his mosaic (mosaico) and masonry (muratura) services. The print is imbued with irony because Invader is actually a renowned artist who rose to fame with his mosaic aliens which he installed in cities all over the world.

Mosaico E Muratura Roma (green) can be seen alongside Invasion Di Roma (2010), an offset lithograph in colours in which Invader details where in Rome his mosaic aliens can be found.