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Invasion Di Roma

Invasion Di Roma
Signed Print


Lithograph, 2010
Signed Print Edition of 50

Critical Review

This print is part of Invader’s Maps collection. The collection showcases the maps produced by Invader to accompany his ground-breaking installation project, the ‘Space Invaders Project’. The Space Invaders project was started by Invader in 1998. The project consists of the artist travelling to cities all over the world and carrying out ‘invasions’ which involves Invader installing aliens made out of ceramic tiles onto the walls of the cities he ‘invades’. Invader uses cement or innovative glues and weather-resistant tiles to ensure that the mosaics are long-lasting and can endure adverse weather conditions.

As is seen in Invasion Di Roma, Invader creates maps to detail where these mosaics can be found which adds to the game-like nature of the installation. Discussing the ambitious project, Invader explains ‘this project, I hope, will leave a print not only on the streets but also on the minds.’