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Plan For Invasion Of Los Angeles

Plan For Invasion Of Los Angeles
Signed Print


Screenprint, 2004
Signed Print Edition of 100

Critical Review

The map was produced to be viewed alongside Invader’s impressive installation project, the Space Invaders project, which the artist started in 1998. The project involves Invader installing mosaic aliens onto city walls all over the world. The project was inspired by the popular arcade game, Space Invaders, produced by the Japanese game manufacturer Taito in 1978. Plan For Invasion Of Los Angeles provides the intricate details of where Invader located his alien mosaics in Los Angeles and draws attention to the large scale of the project. Invader has travelled to over 30 different countries to carry out various ‘invasion waves’ and the artist typically installs 20 to 50 artworks per wave.

After each invasion, Invader scores and ranks the city he has invaded based on the number of installations and their success. Looking closely at Plan For Invasion Of Los Angeles reveals that the score of this invasion was 1890.