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Signed Print


Screenprint, 2015
Signed Print Edition of 88
H 30cm x W 42cm

Critical Review

One of Invader’s most unexpected pieces, the Scooter print was released on the occasion of Invader’s Wipe Out, a solo exhibition held in Hong Kong in 2015. It references an installation made by the artist for the exhibition, whereby Invader’s scooter was placed on public display on a pedestal. The installation was meant to reference a similar piece made in 2002 by the father of Hong Kong Graffiti Art, Tsang Tsou Choi (King of Kowloon), called Calligraphy On Scooter. There where Tsang Tsou Choi had placed his own writings, Invader displayed markings and stickers placed by fellow Street artists who Invader befriended throughout the years.

Thus, the print holds a unique sentimental value for the artist, and simultaneously attests to Invader’s growing visibility within the Street Art community, with friends like Banksy and Mr Brainwash singing the scooter. Additionally, the print’s reference to the local tradition of Street and Graffiti Art in Hong Kong showcases the extent to which Invader’s art is always thought of as a careful response to the cultural artistic tradition of the cities he invades, whether by means of Space Invaders or through exhibitions like Wipe Out.