Jean Dubuffet's Fables, introduced in 1976, showcases a series of energetic screenprints that depict mythical narratives through Dubuffet's distinctive artistic lens. Each screenprint within the series explores a blend of primitive form and symbolic storytelling, inviting viewers into a world of allegory and bold visual language.

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Meaning & Analysis

Jean Dubuffet’s Fables, launched in 1976, marks a pivotal exploration into narrative and symbolism within his artistic repertoire. Renowned for pioneering the Art Brut movement, Dubuffet employs screenprinting to construct vibrant compositions that merge irregular shapes with allegorical themes.

Course La Galope vividly captures the dynamic energy of a horse race through irregular white shapes outlined in bold black. Striped in navy, black, and red, these shapes interlock to evoke the bustling urgency and movement of a racecourse, reflecting Dubuffet's playful yet sophisticated graphic style.

Lion Héraldique portrays a lion formed from interlocking shapes adorned with bold outlines and filled with striped patterns in red, navy, and black. Against a backdrop of gestural brushstrokes in greyish-brown, the lion embodies regal strength, a testament to Dubuffet’s skill in infusing abstract form with narrative depth.

Similarly, Le Vizir depicts a vizier composed of irregular white shapes with distinct black outlines, emphasising facial features that convey human presence amidst abstract form, inviting viewers to contemplate the figure’s significance within the narrative context.

Dubuffet’s Fables series exemplifies his experimental approach to printmaking, employing vibrant colours and textured surfaces to evoke mythic narratives and philosophical inquiries. These prints underscore Dubuffet’s artistic innovation and invite viewers to engage with themes of storytelling and symbolism through abstract visual language.

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