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Leg Of Dog

Leg Of Dog
Signed Print

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Screenprint, 1983
Signed Print Edition of 45
H 101cm x W 79cm

Critical Review

The repeated label of ‘Leg of a Dog from a Da Vinci’ is a direct acknowledgement of the extensive inspiration Basquiat took from the aforementioned artist. The influence of Da Vinci was so extensive that Basquiat devised a series of prints in direct homage to da Vinci, including Untitled (From Leonardo), 1983, where a series of bones and almost illegible annotations are drawn in red.

The skull which appears in this work, and throughout the artist’s body of work, reinforces Basquiat’s preoccupation with corporeality and mortality, but also highlights the impact of Da Vinci’s fascination with skulls. In the same way that da Vinci would depict the skull exterior and interior in the same image, such as in View of A Skull (1500), Basquiat often depicted anatomy in a way in which would allow the viewer to see the beneath the surface, such as in works like Head.