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Jean-Michel Basquiat: Rinso - Unsigned Print

Unsigned Print

Jean-Michel Basquiat


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Screenprint, 2001
Unsigned Print Edition of 85
H 102cm x W 102cm

Critical Review

Basquiat was intent on revealing society's paradoxes and contradictions. In this image we can observe  an overarching tension between linear progress  and fevers of demolition and reconstruction, manifested by the contrasts between the text reading ‘EVERLAST’ and ‘NEW RINSO’. Rinso is said to be ‘the greatest development in soap history’, contrasting against the social upheaval suggested by the protesting industrial worker. The squares which entrap the various textbites could at once represent soap bars and construction bricks.

The chaotic interplay of text and image in Rinso is emblematic of what Olivia Laing calls the “graphomaniac quality to almost all of Basquiat’s work”. She notes that “he liked to scribble, to amend, to footnote, to second-guess and to correct himself. Words jumped out at him, from the back of cereal boxes or subway ads, and he stayed alert to their subversive properties, their double and hidden meaning”.

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