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Bijou Gets Undressed 5

Bijou Gets Undressed 5
Signed Print

Julian Opie

Screenprint, 2004
Signed Print Edition of 30
H 38cm x W 78cm

Critical Review

Opie depicts the figures in his simplified linear style, each reduced to a clear-cut outline of torso and limbs, a circle for the head and two curved lines for breasts. In utilising the choreography, gestures and iconography of strip shows, Opie creates a sexually charged image of the ‘ideal’ woman’s body as we know it from advertising and mass culture. Bijou Gets Undressed 5 is unusually alluring in the way that the figure has been anonymised by her lack of facial features whilst maintaining sex appeal.

By placing the figures next to one another in differing poses from left to right, Opie immediately conveys the sense that this woman is performing for the viewer. The composition gives the static print the appearance of an animation, a medium that Opie has also delved into throughout his career.