Cornish Coast 1: Lantic Bay

Cornish Coast 1: Lantic Bay
Signed Print

Julian Opie

Digital Print, 2017
Signed Print Edition of 20
H 45cm x W 62cm

Critical Review

Opie works from digital photographs to create these prints, stripping the original image down to its most simplified form with computer-share lines and inkjet printers. Much like the images that make up the artist’s Winter series (2012), Cornish Coast 1: Lantic Bay is a multi-layered composition with a great sense of depth, that toes the line between realism and representation.

Speaking of his interest in producing landscape prints of Cornwall, Opie has said: “I think we use picturing all the time in order to navigate and interact and it’s how I know I am present. By putting that picture back out into the world, on the cave wall or website or gallery, I can extend, record and play with what I see. By looking at that picture there is a doubling up of the process, a view of a view.”