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Cornish Coast 2: Lantic Bay

Cornish Coast 2: Lantic Bay
Signed Print

Julian Opie

Digital Print, 2017
Signed Print Edition of 20
H 45cm x W 62cm

Critical Review

Opie’s prints of the Cornish coast construct an environment that echoes the colours and shapes he observes, leaving out finer details and using a minimalist visual language. Opie works from digital photographs to create these prints, stripping the original image down to its most simplified form with computer-share lines and inkjet printers. Much like the images that make up the artist’s Winter series (2012), Cornish Coast 1: Lantic Bay is a multi-layered composition with a great sense of depth, that toes the line between realism and representation.

Speaking of his minimalist style Opie has said, “Being under two metres tall, humans are in a poor position to understand their surroundings. The world that is so clear and understandable from an aeroplane is simply a series of narrow coloured stripes from the ground. In Cornwall the stripes are dark, rich greens and aqua greys. As my holidays pass, the colours change, and as we walk along the cliffs the stripes twist and slide.”