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Julian Opie: Luc And Ludivine Get Married. (pair 11) - Signed Print

Luc And Ludivine Get Married. (pair 11)
Signed Print

Julian Opie


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Digital Print, 2007
Signed Print Edition of 10

Critical Review

As with many works in Opie’s oeuvre, this series combines the visual language of graphic design with the traditions of art history. Luc And Ludivine Get Married (pair 11) explicitly engages with the 19th century art historical tradition of silhouette portraiture, led by artist Auguste Edouart, whereby the new middle classes would commission family or individual portraits to record a moment in time. Opie has a strong interest in noticing silhouettes everywhere and his The Gallery Staff series from 2010 also engages with this tradition.

Speaking of his desire to go beyond the traditional boundaries of art and art history Opie has said, “Our attitude towards art history, towards schools, styles and ‘isms’, was quite aggressive. We wanted to manipulate them, to use whatever style we wished.”

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