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Julian Opie: Still Life With Red And Green Apples - Signed Print

Still Life With Red And Green Apples
Signed Print

Julian Opie

£2,000-£3,000 Guide

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Digital Print, 2001
Signed Print Edition of 40
H 65cm x W 39cm

Critical Review

Brightly coloured and shiny, the fruit and vegetables depicted by Opie in this series appear almost synthetic, without any signs of irregularity or damage. Through the artificial nature of the apples represented, Opie parallels this with his methods and style of working that defy the presence of the artist’s hand.

Still Life With Red And Green Apples is reminiscent of 17th century Dutch still life painting in its allusion to realism and starkly contrasted dark background. Indeed, Opie has been interested in engaging with the traditions of art history throughout his entire career, notably in his works A Pile of Old Masters (1983) and Eat Dirt, Art History (1983). With this print, Opie presents a twenty-first century version of the classic art historical genre through his use of computer technology, saturated colour and simplified form.

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