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Julian Opie: Tourist With Phone - Signed Print

Tourist With Phone
Signed Print

Julian Opie

£7,000-£10,000 Guide

This estimate blends recent public auction records with our own private sale data and network demand.

Screenprint, 2014
Signed Print Edition of 20
H 88cm x W 62cm

Critical Review

Opie’s Tourist series shows various people on the streets of London in colourful clothes and with no facial details, yet each appears as a distinct individual with personality. Tourist With Phone conveys the idea of a young man in a city he doesn’t know, looking intently at his phone to figure out where to go next. This portrait is instantly recognisable, an archetypal image of a young person in London, but at the same time is a distinct portrait of an individual.

Tourist With Phone plays into ideas that interest Opie around the sitter refusing the viewers gaze, something that one experiences when wandering the streets of a city. The notion of the sitter refusing to have their portrait made injects the print with a melancholic drama that would not otherwise be felt if the sitter’s face was seen. This sense of melancholy is further emphasised by the sitter’s barely-there facial features, distinguished only by his sunglasses.

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