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Fertility 2

Fertility 2
Signed Print

Keith Haring

Screenprint, 1983
Signed Print Edition of 100
H 104cm x W 121cm

Critical Review

The print’s central subject is a brightly coloured and spotted ancient Egyptian pyramid, a common motif in Haring’s work that symbolised both antiquity and eternity. Haring’s allusion to the mysteries of ancient civilisation are juxtaposed with the imagination of extraterrestrial civilisation through the depiction of UFOs that have come to represent positive energy and empowerment to those who are situated outside of accepted social norms.

Haring’s use of dashes, dots and large spots are used to allude to the lesions of people who live with HIV/AIDS. This landscape is seemingly overwhelmed by the disease and threatens the pregnant figure in the bottom left hand corner, whilst the unaffected UFOs attack the sacred monument in the centre. Haring was a prominent HIV/AIDS activist and Fertility 2 represents the saving of children and humanity from the horrors of illness and inactive leadership.