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Brushstroke On Canvas

Brushstroke On Canvas
Signed Print

Roy Lichtenstein

Lithograph, 1989
Signed Print Edition of 40
H 96cm x W 92cm

Critical Review

Brushstroke On Canvas was executed in 1989 and is characterised by Lichtenstein’s distinct pop idiom.The artist caricatures idealised views of mark-making by presenting his paint splatters as depersonalised and reproduced. Akin to Lichtenstein’s Brushstroke Faces, Brushstroke On Canvas captures a whirlwind of shapes. Although the expressive pastel strokes interact with the calculated primary coloured sweeps, they remain distinctly separated. At the same time, however, the forms also work together to constitute a unified image.

The crisp brushstrokes are fixed against a graphic black and white background. This repetitive and static pattern is used to counteract the implied emotivity of painterly expression. Lichtenstein plays with inconsistent dimensions, applying subtle shadows beneath certain sweeps of colour. In doing so, he adds a sense of movement to the surface of his canvas, confusing the viewer’s perception of the polished pictorial plane. Ultimately, Lichtenstein’s refined lithographic technique calls attention to the textural qualities of his work.