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Brushstroke Still Life With Lamp

Brushstroke Still Life With Lamp
Signed Print

Roy Lichtenstein

Screenprint, 1997
Signed Print Edition of 24
H 137cm x W 184cm

Critical Review

Additionally, Brushstroke Still Life With Lamp alsoaddresses two of the main motifs that developed throughout the pop pioneer’s career; his still lifes and interior elements. Capturing themes that are at the very heart of Lichtenstein’s art, this print is the ultimate embodiment of his enigmatic visual style. Combining historical imagery and commercial design, the work reveals a dynamic fusion of colours, contours, and shapes.

Utilising the mechanical methods of Pop Art and the painterly mannerism of Abstract Expressionism, Brushstroke Still Life with Lamp obliterates its own composition. Lichtenstein allows sweeps of orange, red, blue, and green to wash over the surface of his figurative interior scene. In doing so, he wipes out all romantic notions tied to subconscious creative expression. It is the act performed by the artist's hand that is of interest in this print. The portrait is controlled and calculated, presenting the antithesis of its impulsive and intuitive art historical precedents.